Wat… If…?

In life there are times when you have to make choices in areas such as education, work, relationships and family.

The “what...-if...”questions then come along:

  • "what do I really want?"
  • "if I'm going to do this, what will happen?"
  • "if I don't want it, what will be the consequence?"
  • "why don't I dare take the step?"

Sometimes we have to deal with loss and saying goodbye. Consider: the death of a loved one, job loss, divorce or getting older. These types of impactful moments and phases invite us to reflect on ourselves.

Reaction patterns 

We prefer not to feel tension and pain. We arm ourselves against it by:

  • fighting
  • adapting
  • avoiding

These reaction patterns allow us to continue as best we can. Until we find that these ways of defending ourselves no longer work.

What do I really want?

Not doing what you really want creates tension. On the inside you feel something different than what you show on the outside. This causes all kinds of problems and complaints such as: stress, feelings of imbalance, loss of concentration, physical complaints, burn-out, fear of failure, loneliness, depression, shame, guilt, feelings of inferiority.

Analytical Therapy helps you to get to to work on your questions and possible complaints.