Cindy Fornari

I am Cindy Fornari (b. 1965) and I am an Analytical Therapist and coach. The human psyche, unconscious soul processes and the mystery of life and death have always been of special interest to me. The question "what makes people do what they do?" keeps me busy. That is why I started to study communication, followed several personal development programs and delved further into the ancient mystery stories and philosophies.

In the search for the answer to my question, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl G. Jung and founder of analytical psychology particularly inspired me. He found a way to get in touch with our unconscious and to give language to the story that takes place within us, expresses itself in symbols and shows itself in, for example, our dreams.

In discovering how I myself could get in touch with my unconscious processes and inner forces, I became acquainted with an Analytic Therapist and consequently with the Jungian Institute - Rump Academy for Depth Psychology in Nijmegen. There I took the four-year course to become an Analytic Therapist, in which a lot of personal discoveries and interests coincided for me.

With the thesis "Thanatos Embraced," I completed my education. This thesis is about whether attention to one's own mortality and death anxiety in the context of Analytic Therapy contributes to one's psychic balance. The thesis can be read here.

I currently combine my Analytical Therapy and coaching practice with my work as an independent consultant on Work Councils.