The therapy

Analytical Therapy is a form of depth psychology that focuses on the inner force field of the human being. It is based on the psychology of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

Becoming who you are

Analytical therapy helps you find the answer to the question:

  • Why do I act or feel like I do?
  • How do I deal with situations?
  • Who else am I?
  • How can I do things differently?

Analytical Therapy supports in becoming free in your own actions and to take responsibility for them. It helps you to become more and more who you really are.

What is going on unconsciously?

The goal is to discover what is tucked away and what is playing unconsciously in the psyche. This invisible part in us contains experiences and memories that influence actions and reactions.

Through Analytical Therapy you gain insight into the deeper meaning of:

  • situations of what happend in the past or are going on now;
  • your actions and reactions;
  • the effect on your thinking, feeling and acting;
  • what you want to do differently.


Methods that can be used are:

  • conversation;
  • dream analysis;
  • analysis of drawings.

In addition, Analytical Therapy also uses theories from other approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, transactional analysis, client-centered therapy, body-centered therapy, systems therapy and cosmology. 


In addition to therapy, it is also possible to be coached by me.